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AHS Bazaar… A Unique Annual Experience


The Al Hussein society (AHS), for many years now, has been in the forefront of rehabilitation for the physically challenged in Jordan and the Middle East.  The projects they organize annually extends its reach to all corners of society spreading the word of the great work that they do.  Perhaps the most notable, however, is the Annual Bazaar which is organized organically by the Members of the Board and staff.

The amalgamation of cultures present every year always astonishes me and all who attend this great event.  Almost every embassy is present with its own booth selling products from their country that cannot be found in local markets.  From Canadian maple syrup to the best French camembert, all can be found at the AHS bazaar.

Walking past the lunch stands in the food court is always a treat for the senses with all the traditional culinary dishes from India and beyond.  The event also host local organisations and helps out with other pressing causes in the region.

To add to the joyous celebratory atmosphere, this year AHS invited several different performers such as the Palestinian folk dance group who shared their talents with the passing crowd.  Bringing so many people together is what AHS does best.  The fact that they do this annually and so well and for such a great cause is why AHS has been a leader in spreading awareness and providing quality services for the physically challenged for decades.

By guest writer and AHS supporter: Mr. Jad Asfour