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USAID Project Closing Conference

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“ AL Hussein Society / Jordan Center for Training and Inclusion (AHS), is a leading local and regional NGO committed to improve the quality of people with disabilities through training, networking and inclusion.

 AHS currently is managing a regional project funded by USAID, which started in May 2016 and will end on 31st of January 2018. The project’s aim was to develop a model program that will have an impact on rehabilitation services across territories and countries in the Middle East (ME) region. The foundation of the project is collaboration among different sectors, including academic institutions, non-profit organizations, physical therapy associations (PTAs) of Jordan, Lebanon, West Bank, and Gaza as well as solid partnerships with leading international organizations.

Project Executive Summary

The overall target of this project is to develop a model program that will have an impact on rehabilitation services across countries in the Middle East (ME) region. The foundation of the project is a collaborative work of different sectors including academic institutions, non-profit organizations, Physical Therapy associations (PTA) as well as a solid partnership with leading international organizations.  The project will be led by Al-Hussein Society (AHS)-Jordan. AHS is considered a pioneer non-governmental association (NGO) that has vast partnership with national, regional, and international organizations that qualifies AHS to host this project.  Physiotherapy societies, universities, NGOs of Jordan West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon will participate in the project. Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza were selected based on the long history of political instability and armed conflicts in their area. 

 As one of the major outcomes of this project, AHS is arranging 3rd International Conference: Physical therapy services in the MENA region, that will address the physical therapy and rehabilitation in the MENA regions.’’

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Call for tendering for USAID project Evaluation TOR

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2017 Annual Bazar

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We are very excited to kick off our Annual Bazar on December 8th, 2017 at Landmark Amman Hotel.

A big thank you to our supporters: 

Looking forward to seeing you!

RFP for Assistive Technology (AT) Courses and Continuing Education Services Training

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USAID Project : Portal Tender

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Funded by USAID , AHS announces a tender to Develop a web portal , with the attached specifications.

Please post your proposals to :




The Power Of Art Exhibition

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AHS will be participating in “The Power of art” exhibition at the New English School, Saturday the 29th, 17:00 – 19:00

Where we will share with you, handmade arts and products done by our students with disabilities.

your support and attendance will support us.

Thanks a lot

AHS Website Accessibility Transformation

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Accessibility Icon

AHS is upgrading its website to meet high international accessibility standards with cooperation of AMAC.

Please feel free to surf through the website and feel the differences, and we really appreciate your feedback and suggestions.


The WheelChair Day

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                  Al Hussein Society /Jordan Center For Training and Inclusion (AHS)


Within its regional project:

Enhancement of Physiotherapy programs through networking in conflict affected countries /territories (Jordan,  West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon) .

On the Occasion of the Wheelchair Day, AHS proudly launches its Campaign to raise the awareness of PWD , their families, field workers and the community in general towards proper wheelchair distribution. This includes assessment by multidisciplinary rehab team and adaptation of the wheelchair according to the needs of each person.

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Back to School

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 Back to School

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This Thursday(1-9-2016) witnessed the realization of every child’s worst nightmare: another school year! We only kid of course.      

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The first day back to school was deemed a success. Children danced, sang popped balloons, had mouthfuls of cupcake, and practically fought over having their photos taken. We sure do celebrate going back to school in style!

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