USAID Project Closing Conference

Posted on: January 10th, 2018 by ahsrehab

“ AL Hussein Society / Jordan Center for Training and Inclusion (AHS), is a leading local and regional NGO committed to improve the quality of people with disabilities through training, networking and inclusion.  AHS currently is managing a regional project funded by USAID, which started in May 2016 and will end on 31st of January 2018. The project’s aim was to develop a model program that will have an impact on rehabilitation services across territories and countries in the Middle East (ME) region. The foundation of the project is collaboration among different sectors, including academic institutions, non-profit organizations, physical therapy associations (PTAs) of Jordan, Lebanon, West Bank, and Gaza as well as solid partnerships with leading international organizations.  As one of the major outcomes of this project, AHS is arranging 3rd International Conference: Physical therapy services in the MENA region, that will address the physical therapy and rehabilitation in the MENA regions.’’  Please log in to the online attendance registration link beowfor to confirm your   participation  Registration Form Link           Project Executive Summary The overall target of this project is to develop a model program that will have an impact on rehabilitation services across countries in the Middle East (ME) region. The foundation of the project is a collaborative work of different sectors including academic institutions, non-profit organizations, Physical Therapy associations (PTA) as well as a solid partnership with leading international organizations. The project will be led by Al-Hussein Society (AHS)-Jordan. AHS is considered a pioneer non-governmental association (NGO) that has vast partnership with national, regional, and international organizations that qualifies AHS to host this project. Physiotherapy societies, universities, NGOs of Jordan West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon will participate in the project. Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza were selected based on the long history of political instability and armed conflicts in their area. Therefore, this project aims to build a system strengthening approach of rehabilitation services in the region by addressing the four objectives of the call of this proposal: 1) establishing regional level consortium of PT stakeholders through regional networking and MOUs 2) Strengthening the PT associations that they are equipped to take the lead in advancing PT practice. 3) Upgrading and strengthening the PT curricula and program content to meet the international standard level; 4) Augmenting the wheelchair services through training of the wheelchair service providers and building a local cadre of trainers.   The major activities of the project include the following: 1) Build a partnership among the participating PT societies. 2) Develop an online portal system to network, students, instructors, PT professionals in different institutions in the region. 3) Provide online management workshops, online research methods workshops and PT professional workshops (per region) to PT societies’ staff and their members in order to strengthen their administration, research and clinical skills. 4) Conduct World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) accreditation of PT entry level programs in the consortium countries. 5) Develop World WCPT guidelines for training qualified accreditors. 6) Provide training workshops for accreditors. 7) Conduct train-of trainer workshops for trainers on wheel chair skills to lead 1 local workshop for PT and OT professionals (per region). 8) Develop basic and intermediate courses of wheelchair skills to be integrated in the curriculum of PT entry level programs in the consortium countries. 9) Increase the awareness regarding the benefit of physical therapy services, the wheelchair service, and the international key organization related to physical therapy such WCPT and ISWP. 10) Encourage universities to adopt and integrate ISWP academic materials, in the PT, OT, O/P university entry levels curriculums.

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