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Center Needs

A list of items/ equipment that AHS is in need of to reach its full potential and provide the best possible services to persons with physical disabilities.

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Good Will Fund

A fund that provides necessary financial support to underprivileged patients who are unable to cover costs of healthcare services, mobility aids...

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Special Occasions Program

A program that allows you to celebrate your special occasions (eg- weddings, birthdays, graduations) by asking friends and family to make donations ...

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In-Kind Donations Program

A program that accepts any non-monetary donations such as goods or services. Donate items such as clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils, home accessories...

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Sponsorship Program

A program created for individuals, groups, companies and organisations targeting specific individuals at AHS or covering specific needs.

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Volunteer Program

A program offered to people of all ages willing to help plan, organise, or spearhead fundraising projects and events for the benefit of AHS...

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Membership Program

Become an AHS member by completing the form and submitting it online, or printing it and submitting it to AHS offices

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